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As a nurse, I spend hours on my feet, and perform many heavy tasks. The time I spend under Molly's care is perhaps the most important gift I give myself. Not only do I always walk away feeling physically better, I also leave with a smile, as happy as if I had spent time with one of my best friends.


Skilled, courteous and kind. Highly recommended! “One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth. Growth must be chosen again and again; fear must be overcome again and again.” ― Abraham Harold Maslow


I've been massaged by Molly for years. It's hard to find someone you are comfortable with when it comes to having someone work that closely with your body and I found that Molly was so great at making me feel at ease. She has done wonders for my overall health, she kept me working out at a high intensity, even when I was pregnant, and has prevented reoccurring inflammation problems with my knees! I highly recommend her as a Massage Therapist.


Most amazing experience hands down. Molly has such an amazing personality and does everything imaginable to keep you comfortable during your session. She is extremely informative and helpful with any questions or concerns. I swear this woman has magical hands that leave you feeling amazing afterwards! Would recommend her to everyone (and believe me, I have).


Very friendly, worked wonders for me. Very highly recommended.


A very talented therapist who understands the needs of consumers and treat everyone with dignity.


Molly truly has amazing skill! On top of being sweet, friendly, and professional, she helped me greatly. My back has been hurting me for years due to a torn disc, and the work I do. It has caused my hip flexors to become very tense, causing massive amounts of discomfort, and pressure on my lower back, on a daily basis. After a few short massage sessions with Molly, I had regained my ability to bend, walk,and move my legs normally without feeling massive discomfort,for the first time in a long while!


I have known Molly for about three years , I had appointments with Molly about every three weeks. Several years ago I had breast cancer and had a double mastectomy . This caused swelling in my arm and lots of scar tissue. Molly was firm but gentle and gave me much relief from the pain and swelling. She is well trained and always learning new treatments. Molly helped me through some hard times in my life . I would highly recommend Molly .

Maryke Lynn